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A Mensa award winner and 20+ other awards, Blokus classic promotes healthy brain activity and challenges spatial thinking.

Improve your creative thinking with this strategy board game for all from 5 to 99 years of age!

The game is simple to understand and maintains it challenge once you begin to play. Blokus has come up with number of different ways to play the game, so it never gets boring. The Blokus game includes a gameboard with 400 squares, an instruction guide and 84 pieces in 4 great colors.

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Blokus Classic Game details

In the Package

84 square pieces in 4 sets of 21, each in a striking color

Why Blokus Classic?

Blokus is not your average board game. Following are the prestigious awards won by the Blokus board game –

• Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, 2004
• Parent's Choice Gold Award, 2003
• Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products, 2003
• Astra Good Toy Award, 2003
• Mensa Select Award, 2003
• Best Strategy Games Finalist, 2004 Games Magazine
• Toy of the Year, 2004 Independent Toy Specialist Australia
• Game of the Year, 2003 Australian Games Association Australia
• Top 10 Children's Choice Award Winner, 2003
• Toy Testing Canada
• Japan Good Toy Award, 2003 Japan
• Boardgame Prize, 2003 Japan
• Spiel des Jahres, 2002 Germany
While the first few moves in Blokus may appear to be simple and easy, as the game calls for both defensive and offensive strategies. While placing their Tetris-like pieces, players try to block other player’s movement. It is precisely this kind of spatial reasoning that MENSA found worthy of recognition with an award. It is possible for a player to be in a possible checkmate after just six or seven moves.

The Blokus game is a colorful, elegant with easy rules yet is never boring. Blokus guarantees fun and learning for both children and playful competition for adults.

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